American Ingenuity
Have you ever stopped to consider who built the products you use on a daily basis?  Wouldn’t you prefer a product made by someone who uses it and understands it the way you do?  As crazy as it sounds, most of the vacuum cleaner engineers in the world go home to houses with no carpet!  The closest "real world" experience they have with vacuuming is on a small piece of carpeting in a test lab at the office.  They have no idea what it’s like to vacuum up popcorn in a family room that's filled with kids, pets, furniture and toys.  But chances are you do!  And don't worry, the folks at Simplicity do, too.

The Simplicity factory is located in the heart of America, in St. James, Missouri, and is filled with employees who have grown up using vacuum cleaners all of their lives.  They understand the struggles you have while vacuuming, and your desire for a power-packed machine that effectively cleans every time you use it.  We get it, and we put that first-hand knowledge into every vacuum cleaner we design.
St. James