Bag vs Bagless

Quick  - Take a look in your kitchen trash can. Does it have a bag in it? Of course it does, because your mom taught you right. You can't imagine not putting a bag in your kitchen trash can because everytime you went to empty your trash can, you'd have a filthy task on your hands. Hint, hint - your vacuum isn't much different!

All the dirt, hairballs, and old cereal are contained nicely in the bag. Simply remove the bag and throw it in the trash. You never see or touch the nasty stuff.
Sure, it’s easy to see when the dirt container is full, but then what? You need to carefully empty it, usually outside, to avoid dumping the dirt right back into your carpet. And of course, there’s always the inevitable dust and allergens that escape into the air. Gross!
When it’s time to vacuum, you turn on the machine. If it’s been a month, change the bag before vacuuming. Simply pull it out, throw it in the garbage, and insert a new one. It’s a cinch.
When it’s time to vacuum, you check the dirt container. Darn, looks like you forgot to empty it last time. Now, before you do anything else, you must find a way to empty it without getting extra dirt on the floor. You’ll probably want to wipe it out, too because some things get stuck in those cups. You might need to wash the filter, too. When this is all done, you’re finally ready to vacuum.
$20. That’s about all it takes to stock up with a year’s supply of bags. If you regularly eat out or visit a coffee shop, you’ll quickly spend that amount in a few visits. We like to think the convenience and cleanliness a bag provides is worth it.
At first glance, a bagless vacuum seems like a good investment—you never have to buy a bag. Sure, this might be true. But did you know that the average bagged vacuum holds 30 times more dirt, dust and debris than the leading bagless vacuum? That’s 30 more times you have to empty the dirt container. Plus, the average bagless vacuum clogs more often than bagged vacuums. Combine the time you take emptying the container and unclogging the machine and you’ll wish you spent the $20 on a year’s worth of bags.