Frequently Asked Questions

Throw Me a Rope!  If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers, so check for your question below, and if you’re still dangling, send us a message, and we’ll get back to you.

Q: I lost my owner’s manual.  How can I get a new one?

A: Click the Simplicity Owners button on the main menu, then click on Download Manuals. If you’re unsure what model you own, check the rating label on your vacuum. Or if you don’t see your vacuum model listed, or send us a message.

Q: I need bags, belts, filters or accessories for my vacuum. Where can I buy them?

A: You have two ways to buy bags and other replacement items:

     -Find the Simplicity retailer near you. Call or stop in to buy what you need. Also check out the newest Simplicity products, see demonstrations and get expert cleaning advice.

     - Prefer to buy online? Our website contains all the items you can purchase for your vacuum. Click here to start shopping. Whether it's paper or HEPA media bags, filters or a stair cleaning kit, floor tool or cleaning products, it’s here and available for purchase. All orders are filled by Simplicity dealers.

Q: I need a replacement part that is not listed on your website. How can I get the part?

A: If we don’t sell it on the website, then there’s a good reason. Usually it’s because it’s not easy to replace. Please visit your nearest Simplicity retailer for a diagnosis of your machine, or for replacement parts or tools that aren’t listed. You can call your local retailer to order some replacement parts.

Q: I have a dog that sheds like nobody’s business. What’s your best pet vacuum?

A: Simplicity has lots of vacuums that work well for pets, but there are a few things to remember with any vacuum that captures pet hair:

     - Change your vacuum bag regularly.

     - Use charcoal or granulated charcoal filters when possible to help control odors.

     - Check your brushroll regularly and cut off long hairs using a seam ripper or small scissors.

     - Use tools with nylon bristles to lift pet hair on upholstery, bedding and cars.

Our favorite vacuum for homes with pets is the Simplicity Fetch with two powerful motors, a granulated charcoal filter, a HEPA media bag, on-board tools, the Pet Hair Beware fur remover tool and a 1-pound sample of dry carpet cleaner for homes with pets.

The Synergy or Symmetry are also great choices. If you prefer a canister, check out the Gusto, Moxie, Verve or Snap. Visit your local Simplicity retailer for a demo and to discuss your home’s flooring, types of vacuums you’re comfortable with and other special needs, like vacuum weight and allergies, before you decide.

Q:  I have the newest super soft carpet, and the installer said not all vacuums work well on it.  What vacuum do you recommend?

A:  Simplicity Symmetry clean air vacuum models work so well that they’re recommended by Shaw Floors® for cleaning the Caress carpeting. The Symmetry has a floating brushroll that adjusts to carpet height, so it’s ideal for high pile and ultra-soft carpet fibers. Many other Simplicity models will work well, too. Look for one with a carpet height adjustment feature.

Q:  My vacuum stopped working right. What do I do?

A: Your vacuum owner’s manual has a troubleshooting page, which is the best place to start.  Always unplug your vacuum before examining it. Check for clogs in the hose, and check your bag, which might be full. If the brushroll isn’t turning, check the belt and replace it if necessary. If you have a Tandem Air vacuum (Synergy or Synchrony models), be sure you have TOOLS ON dial in the correct position for carpet cleaning.  You should also be sure your electrical outlet is working. If all else fails, take your vacuum to the nearest Simplicity retailer for repair.

Q:  Are all Simplicity vacuums made in the USA?

A:  All Simplicity upright vacuums except for model SHD-1T are built in St. James, Missouri, as well as these items:

     - Gusto and Moxie power team canister vacuums 

     - All Cozy Home Heaters

     - All full-size and compact power nozzles for canisters and central vacuums plus the Universal Power Nozzle

     - Simplicity Carpet Extractor

     - All of our cleaning chemicals.

So while most of our products are built in the USA, they’re not all built here, and we do import some parts. For a glimpse of the town where we build the vacuums, and a peek inside our factory, check out this video (coming soon).

Q:  Do you have coupon codes or discounts for buying a vacuum online? Do you have sales?

A:  We do not offer discounts for vacuums or parts sold online. However, your local Simplicity retailer store may offer discounts, special promotions, vacuum bundles or even a trade-in program. We truly support our retailers’ in-store sales efforts and encourage you to buy locally, not just so you can get the vacuum that best suits you, your home and your lifestyle, but also so you leave the store with an assembled product, with any customized features installed just for you, such as natural brushstrips, and with expert guidance on how to operate and store the vacuum, and much more.