I recommend your vacuum to all my friends… I love it!
Diane - Phoenix, AZ. Proud owner of a Simplicity Symmetry (SYMS) since 2007
We bought your vacuum because it is made in America, love it!
Nancy - Shawnee, KS. Proud owner of the Simplicity Freedom
I own 2 Simplicity vacuums. One is a model I purchased 14 years ago that needs to be serviced, the newer model S24. The newer model did a great job picking up hair from our long haired white cat and mutt dog, etc.
Lilla – San Francisco, CA. Proud owner of an S24 since 1997
I need the lightness of the vacuum due to back problems and am very happy with it.
Katherine – Brooklyn Park, MN. Proud owner of a Freedom (F3700) since 2009
This has been the greatest vacuum I've ever had.
Joe – Platte City, MO. Proud owner of a Synergy Sine 2009

I want to tell you a few of the things that the dealer told me that influenced my decision to purchase your machine: made in the USA & the last vacuum cleaner I may ever need to buy in my lifetime. I have not regretted my decision at all. Thank you for being one of the few companies left that can claim Made in the USA.

Rita Carter-Hefley – Fortuna, CA

I recently researched and purchased the Synergy vacuum. Two reasons why Simplicity was my choice in purchasing a new vacuum; Quality and American made. I am extremely pleased with my purchase! I even posted about my new Simplicity Synergy, American made vacuum cleaner on Facebook. Before using my new vacuum I used my 3 old Electrolux first. I got a quart more sand out of my carpet than I did with the old vacuum. Just wanted to let you know what people are saying about your vacuum cleaners. Thanks for making a quality product in America that I can depend on!

Anita – Laneville, TX. Proud owner of a Simplicity Synergy since 2011
My Simplicity 7350 had a four year warranty. Excellent cleaner! Motor died after eleven years. I plan to buy another this weekend.
Teachal – You Tube. Proud owner of a Simplicity since 2000
I love my simplicity vacuum!
Dawn – Barberton, OH. Proud owner of a Simplicity Synergy since 2009
This was a gift from my daughter for Mother's Day. I have loved it because it is very light and easy to operate. I'm 81, and I need a light sweeper.
Aleta – Stroud, OK. Proud owner of a Simplicity Freedom (F3300) since 2011
Hi! I’m very excited about this vacuum - pet hair and all.
Lisa – Lake Forest, IL. Proud owner of the Simplicity Jack since 2011
We have purchased two Freedom vacuums. The size, weight and effectiveness keep us coming back as well as its manufacture in the USA.
Bobbi – Kalamazzo, MI. Proud owner of multiple Simplicity Freedoms
I love Simplicity vacuums!
Janine – New Hope, PA. Proud owner of a Simplicity Sport since 2011
We have 2 Simplicity vacuum cleaners Model S12. Both were a gift about 5 years ago.
Constance – Dundee, NY. Proud owner of multiple Simplicity S12 canisters since 2006
I have a canister simplicity vacuum model S14cl. I love my vacuum!
Diana – Highland, NY. Proud owner of a Simplicity canister since 1992
I have a 6400 Simplicity upright vacuum cleaner. I really like it - light weight, easy to clean.
Susan – Overland Park, KS. Proud owner of a Simplicity 6400
I love my simplicity vacuum and will never again use a lower quality one from a discount store. I am happy I was able to find a retailer that was knowledgeable, respectful and very helpful.
Christina – Meridian, ID. Proud owner of a Simplicity Symmetry (SYMCL) since 2011
Love this vacuum!
Bob – Crystal Lake, IL. Proud owner of a Simplicity S38 canister
We bought your machine first and for most because it is made in America. I have to say I am impressed with the great features, too. When we get right down to it vacuuming is still vacuuming - not most fun thing to do, but your vacuum does do a good job, and I was willing to pay hundreds more than I had wanted to just to buy an American product.
Carra – Bonita Springs, FL. Proud owner of a Simplicity Gusto since 2011
I am 71 yrs. old and have experienced vacuums since I was 10. That makes me an expert, sort of. I have used Kirby (twice), Electrolux, Rainbow, Dyson and now Simplicity. Simplicity is by far the best vacuum I have ever used. Last year I purchased a Dyson DC23 Animal because I have three Rottweilers and thought that unit would be the best (I fell for the advertising). Several weeks ago, I finally gave in with my disgust at the dust and dirt all over the outside of the Dyson and took the unit in for repair. The service person said there was no need for repair. The reason it was spewing dust and dirt back into the air was because it was bagless. I had it. I have asthma and don't want to breathe in dust and dirt. Besides also knowing that with all my work, the house was not clean. After listening to the features of the Simplicity, I bought it and I am very happy. Lots of thought went into designing this machine. It is light, almost self-propelled, picks up quickly and holds the dirt. The unit does not scratch my furniture, it goes under most furniture. The wand is really easy to use. I could go on and on - and Oh, made in America - I like that, too. Is cleaning fun, now? NO - but it is not the drudgery, it was. This unit is very user-friendly. KUDOS on a great machine! I would recommend it to anyone suffering with another brand. I work full-time and don't want to spend my valuable weekends cleaning. The Simplicity makes quick work so that even with taking the time to write this ( I needed a break), I've cut my cleaning time to under 1 and a half hours for an 8 room house.
Proud owner of a Simplicity Synergy since 2011
“I have always believed to buy a product that had sales and service. I can gladly say I am correct in this thinking. I bought my Simplicity vacuum a few years ago and have loved my vacuum….Thank you again for building a great product but more importantly that you stand behind your dealers and product.”
Kathy - Bay City, Michigan
Simplicity is the BEST vacuum cleaner we've had in over 30 yrs. Our house is, at last, being cleaned! (I will never go back to a bagless system). I highly recommend this product.
Emily -- Wooster, OH
"Just unpacked my new Jill, and ran it around the house. I have been an Oreck user for some years, and while I still plan on using it for some things, Jill is a great addition to the home! She rolls around right behind me, and unlike my Buster B, she doesn't blow dust all over by shooting exhaust out the back! As if that weren't enough, the one piece extending wand , adjustable suction, and attachment holder are all great! And what a great price!"
Patrick - Kansas City, MO, proud owner of a Jill since 2015
This vacuum is AMAZING! I'm not one to write reviews or testimonials, but I can't help it, I needed to say thank you! We've had Hoovers, TopVacs, rentals, etc., over the past 25 years. Recently, after having yet another repair done on a machine, I was given a loner Simplicity Vacuum to try out. I figured it would be "just another high priced vacuum that wouldn't really live up to the hype." Well, I stand corrected! I had two months worth of edging to do in all of my rooms, as our vac has been broken for a while (I've never gone more than a week without vacuuming, Yikes!). I had Christmas pine needles, glitter, and ick all over. My mud room, was REALLY a mud room, and the dust piling up on carpeted stairways was not pretty. Along comes the Simplicity vacuum. I used it in one room, along with another vacuum, that shall remain nameless (uh, hem, Bissell) and the results were astounding. The Simplicity cleaned the edges, floors, staircases and mud room without much of a going over... The Bissell had me breaking a sweat running it back and forth and I still had to run the Simplicity over the areas to get them as clean as possible. I didn't even wait until the loner time was up, I picked up my new Simplicity this morning, and my house is now clean, to the standard I expect. Thank you for making a superior product! Thank you for being 'Made in the USA!" You've got this family for life! What a blessing to buy a superior product that's made in America, to a standard that should always be at the forefront of development and implementation. PS: I'm going to go find something else to vacuum! Maybe the basement!
Alana P. Proud owner of a Synchrony since January 2015
"This was my second one. I traded up for the G9.2 I also have the Freedom which I keep upstairs for my bedrooms. This cleans like they say and more. The big part is it never needs work. I take in for regular checkups, and just replace the filters and Im ready to go. I also have the most reliable salesman. Just wanted you to know...Thanks..."
Katherine -- New Salem, ND, proud owner of a Synergy since 2009
Just wanted to comment that this vacuum is great. I am 80 years old and though I still play tennis, simply do not want to lug a heavy vacuum around. The pick up is terrific, in fact it is like a self propelled lawn mower, it is sooooooo easy to use! I had an (supposedly 8 lb), but this is by far much lighter and better!
Jean -- Louisville, KY, proud owner of a Freedom Deluxe S10D
This is my second Simplicity and I just love it. Gave my first one to my daughter, it's 12 years old and runs like new. Thanks Simplicity!
Sue - Mt. Sydney, VA Proud Jessie owner since 2015
I just bought this Vacuum, and I just had to tell you I think I am in love. I have never had such an amazing vacuum, and this has made me a lifetime customer of yours. Thank you for a quality product, I look forward to cleaning now!!
Lauren - Proud owner of a Freedom Standard S10S since 2016
Just wanted to compliment you on your products. After 15 years of fantastic service, we had to retire our Simplicity 6100. We gladly replaced it with a Symmetry and are so thankful to have a great dealer ... in our city. Keep the great products coming!
Andy -- West Bend, WI, proud owner of a Symmetry
I just wanted to say the reason I purchased the Fetch was the demonstration I got from the place of purchase. Great demo of the product and answered all my questions. Then after I got home -- WOW I did not know the area rugs we had were so bright. So far it is a keeper.
Tom M. -- North Dakota, proud owner of a Fetch since August 2016
Hello. I wanted to write and let you know that the Simplicity vacuum that I have is amazing!!!! I received it as a wedding present 29 years ago!!! I am still using it. I wanted to include a picture I took of my 28 year old using it and a picture of my father in law using it when the 28 yr old was just born!! (this won't let me put pix in). Besides the belt slipping every once in a while (which I have learned to fix) and a cracked base, the vacuum has survived my 4 boys. There are not many things, now a days, that last more than 20 years. I just wanted to thank you for making a superior product/vacuum!!
Jodi D.
OMG I'm having a love affair with my Simplicity S30P. In the last three months I have purchased (and returned) three vacuums. Honest to God truth! Why? None of the vacuums on the market would vacuum my new Mohawk Smartstrand Silk carpet, not even the ones listed on the Mohawk website. I thought this was an expensive vacuum but it's easy to see the quality, the ease of use, the performance, and the lifetime belt. Kudos to the U.S.! It was worth every penny! I love the long cord, the attachments on board, the extension to the hose, the telescopic wand which reaches my high ceiling fans, the ability to lay the vacuum flat for cleaning under beds and tables, the feel of the handle, the full bag light, and the filters (I have asthma), and a seven year warranty (are you kidding me?). You didn't leave anything out!
Georgette Owner of an Synchrony S30P Colorado