S5 Cordless Handheld

Got a mini mess? Meet your new best friend!

Cordless Cordless
Two Speeds Two Speeds
Handy Handy
Lightweight Lightweight


  • Two Speeds - The S65 starts soft on low speed but ramp it up to high speed to tackle bigger and meaner messes.
  • Combination Crevice Tool and Dusting Brush - Push the button to slide the brush forward to use as a dusting brush.
  • Additional Crevice Tool - This attachment has a rubber tip to help prevent scuffing.
  • One-Button Emptying - Just press a button and watch your mess disappear!
  • Charging Indicator Light - A blinking red light indicates low battery. When charging, a blinking red light means the machine is charging, and a solid green light indicates a full charge.
  • Extendable Dust Cup - Press the buttons on either side of the dust cup and pull to extend the size of the dust cup. More room for more mess!
  • Storage/Charging Station - The S5 comes with a charging station that also has places to store both attachments, so they are ready to use whenever needed. The charging time is approximately 3 hours.

Product Specs

Cord Length
No Cord!
3.3 Pounds (including stand)
Up to 25 Minutes Per Charge (Runtimes vary based on floor surface, charge level and age of battery)
Crevice Tool/Dusting Brush and Additional Crevice Tool (with rubber tip)
10.8 Volt Lithium Ion
1-Year Household, 90 Days Commercial Use
Two Speeds
Stand with Accessory Storage
High-Flow Pleated

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