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Wonder Deluxe Canister with Tandem Air Nozzle

For years Tandem Air technology rocked the world of upright vacuums, and finally it's available for canister lovers.



10-year warranty on body, 5-year warranty on nozzle 10-year warranty on body, 5-year warranty on nozzle
100% Sealed Allergen Buster 100% Sealed Allergen Buster
28-Foot Cord 28-Foot Cord
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  • Tandem Air technology - Two motors work together to clean like nobody's business
  • Self-Sealing HEPA Media Bag - Keeps the pollen, dust and dander out of your indoor air and in the bag where it belongs.
  • Gold Seal of Approval - The Carpet and Rug Institute gave this vacuum a Gold Seal of Approval for its ability to remove soil, contain dust and retain carpet quality.
  • LED Headlights - Dirt can't hide from these ultra-bright lights.
  • 6.5-Foot Hose - The perfect tether length to give you reach with control.
  • Full Bag Indicator - In case you forget to check, a light reminds you when to change the bag
  • Variable Speed Control - Dial back suction for cleaning fabrics or other delicate items.
  • Sealed Filtration System - 100% of air passes through the HEPA media filter, keeping dust particles from escaping back into your indoor air.
  • Bonus Tools - Includes a bonus floor tool with soft-as-a-lamb microfiber pad and a handy turbo brush for stairs and upholstery
  • 2 Rear Wheels and a Premium Front Caster - Outmaneuvers other canisters with a smooth gliding caster and large wheels

Product Specs

Bottom Plate
Soft Carpet
Chrome Steel
On/Off Switch Location
On Body
2 Rows, Replaceable
12 Amps
Cord Length
28 Feet
Floor It! Bare Floor Tool, Pet Hair Beware Fur Remover, 2-in-1 Tool, Tool Storage Bag
HEPA Media Bag, HEPA Media and Granulated Charcoal Filters
10 Years-Body, 5 Years-Nozzle
Floor Selector
Full Bag Indicator
12 Pounds
Handle Tube
Matte White

Bags, Belts & Filters (2)

Wonder HEPA Media Bags (6 Pack)

These HEPA media vacuum bags fit all Wonder Straight Suction canister vacuums.


Wonder HEPA Media and Granulated Charcoal Filter Set

Need a new set of filters for your Wonder canister? Snap in this new HEPA media filter to capture dust particles and granulated charcoal filter to capture odors for a clean start.


Accessories (4)

Handheld Turbo Brush for Wonder

Got pets or kids? This hand turbo attaches to the Wonder canister wand to clean the pet hair Spot left behind, dry cereal thrown from high chairs and lots of other little messes.


Rug/Floor Tool for Wonder and Prima Canisters

If you have bare floors and a few rugs, this tool features a switch to move the bristles up or down.


Wonder Canister Standard Tool Adapter

If you want to attach a standard 1.25-inch diameter tool to the Simplicity Wonder canister wand, you'll need this nifty adapter.


Pet Hair Beware Fur Remover for Wonder

Designed for the Wonder canister's extra-large hose diameter, Pet Hair Beware for Wonder dislikes pet hair so much that this tool even cleans itself.


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