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Clean Air Vacuums

When you think of the '80s, you probably remember big bangs and leg warmers. We remember the revolution in the vacuum cleaners that started the Simplicity brand...on-board tools! Today almost all uprights with on-board tools are known to vacuum geeks as Clean Air machines, originating from the placement of the motor in the cleaning path. If you want powerful on-board tools to pull dirt out of every nook and cranny and you want fantastic filtration, then you want a Simplicity Clean Air vacuum. Plus, our Clean Air machines are jam-packed with metal components in the high-wear areas so your vacuum will last way longer than your infatuation with the Rubik's Cube.

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Allergy Upright

Allergens can't hide from the power, durability, tools and HEPA media filtration - all at a great value.

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Pet Bagless

The Pet Bagless puts pet hair on a short leash.

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Symmetry Standard Classic

The Standard Classic is a workhorse of a vacuum.

Model #: S20SC

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Symmetry Ultra Premium

Best for multiple floor types and frequent tool usage.

Model #: S20UP

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Symmetry Premium

Pairs a powerful motor with features that make it easy to make your home sparkle.

Model #: S20P

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Symmetry Deluxe

Treat yourself to the Symmetry Deluxe clean air vacuum.

Model #: S20D

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Symmetry Entry

Welcome to Symmetry! With a 4-to-1 stretch hose and onboard tools, Symmetry cleans carpet to ceiling and almost everything in between.

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Symmetry Classic Deluxe

This Symmetry vacuum is an amazing combination of cleaning power, durability and convenience.

Model #: SYMDL

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