Ah, Summer!

It’s the time for vacations, free time, relaxing with friends and creating amazing family memories.  

In real life, summer at home is a different story. Like mini masters of disaster, the kids wake up early and start making messes from the minute their sweet feet hit the floor. By mid-morning, they’ve substituted snack crackers for game pieces and are throwing building blocks at each other. The dog waits till she’s inside to shake off the sand from the kids trying to bury her in the sandbox. School papers, artwork, clothes, shoes and chunks of who-knows-what cover most of the surfaces of the house. And your car? Nah.

At Simplicity, we get it. We love vacuums, and we love our families, but gosh darn it, we love kicking back and taking it easy, too. The moms and dads who work at Simplicity offer these tips for simplifying life for overworked parents during the summer. 

Team Sports

“My kids help clean up their own messes. They use the Spiffy to clean up their crumbs after dinner. When I’m doing more heavy-duty cleaning, to keep Jacob busy, I will shred toilet paper all over the floor and let him use the attachments to clean it up while I get stuff done around the house. It keeps him off the TV too.“ – Emily H., Territory Sales Manager 

Work Before Play

“On Sunday nights after dinner, we spend 30 minutes cleaning as a family. It could be individual for each of us – touching up a bathroom, vacuuming, cleaning our wood floor. Or joint work as in two of us washing dishes. We regroup as a family in our basement and will then have family game night. Normally we play a trivia game on the (gaming console), but sometimes we play a board game. That same night or next day, we vacuum the basement to pick up any popcorn that may have been thrown during heated rounds.” - Gail B., Print Production Assistant Manager 

A Shoe-In

Gail also suggests keeping a plastic tray or basket by the back door to collect mowing shoes, soccer shoes and flip flops. “It cuts down on tracking dirt in the house. Grass and turf, I swear, multiply in our house! And it saves time by not having to look for shoes.”  

Rotation Plan

“Instead of making all of the kid toys available, pack up most of them. Rotate them for the season. That makes less toys that have to be picked up. The hardest part of vacuuming for me is all of the stuff in the way. Minimize the stuff and make vacuuming easier.” – Matt M., Graphic Artist

Whiteboard It

Matt also suggests using a whiteboard. "Don’t try to keep everything in your head. Write it on a whiteboard, that way it is always visible. It makes it harder to ignore and less overwhelming to remember."

Strike a Happy Medium

“My boys throw so much on the floor that it’s impossible to vacuum. I keep a Cordless Freedom upstairs so it’s convenient and easy to use. They don’t even have to plug it in! They’re slobs, but they get good grades in school and work in the summer, so I make them uncover the floor and vacuum just once a month, and that gets us by until they leave for school in the fall.” – Sherry L., Brand Marketing Analyst

Good luck managing your home’s crazy messes this summer. We’re with you in spirit. And don’t forget to relax and enjoy the chaos a little. Whenever you’re ready to clean, your Simplicity will be patiently waiting to please.